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"I recently found myself in a conundrum of knowing strongly that I wasn’t happy with how I was spending my time, but unsure of what I wanted next. A friend referred me to Jeremiah, and it was by far the most insightful and effective experience in introspection that I’ve ever had.

"What made our time so powerful for me was that he probes and pushes your own words in a way that can feel like a splash of cold water. Jeremiah listens and actually dissects what you’re saying in real time, and then he pushes back on the assumptions or boundaries we all unconsciously impose on ourselves. His demeanor is respectful, but direct and fearless. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who communicates this way, it’s raw but exceptionally intelligent.

"The process also went from 0 to 100  quickly, with me feeling a bit of “insight shock” after our first call. I realized inconsistencies in decisions I was making vs. what I was saying out loud. We also pushed boundaries on things that I hadn’t questioned, going back 30 years in my life. I felt exhausted, but also euphoric whenever our calls ended.

"On top of all this, Jeremiah was thoughtful about what I needed from our time together and how we could work together as a team. That included challenging whether I was ready for coaching or would benefit from doing my own self-exploration first.

"Ultimately, what makes Jeremiah so powerful is the unique blend of raw honesty, humility, and insightfulness that he brings to every conversation."

Joseph Selim

Director of Data Engineering at Slack

"I've been working with Jeremiah for a few months and he has been the best coach I've ever had. He is super insightful and has a broad swath of knowledge. We discuss sales, marketing, hiring, morale, relationships and everything in between! I've had multiple calls where I was like wow this call makes up for all the money I have ever paid him. I'd highly recommend Jeremiah for people who are focused on growing quickly or are in a high leverage role."

Ankur Dahiya

CEO / Co-Founder at RunX

San Francisco, CA

Former Navy Seal and CEO of Conterra Zach Marshall discussed working with Jeremiah on Eric Jorgenson’s Soundbox podcast.

"I came to Jeremiah with a pretty big set of topics to dive into, from relationships, to work, to my side business, to spirituality. I felt like I needed someone who I could really jam with on my life - providing an ongoing discourse to help inspire reflection and action in my life.

"After an initial consultation, I decided to work with Jeremiah, and to date, we've spent almost a year together. Working with him is one of the best decisions I have made in my personal and professional life and I recommend anyone explore a coaching agreement with him. To be clear, Jeremiah is not for everyone - but that is exactly the point. His style and approach is not for anyone, but if it is a fit, I think it can truly unlock impactful results for the client.

"Starting almost a year ago, Jeremiah and I began to dive in with a bi-weekly schedule. With a calm, consistent, and intelligent approach, Jeremiah was able to "put everything on the table" and analyze who I was being at the time and who I would need to be to accomplish my goals and be happy/content. In every session, Jeremiah displayed an incredible ability to flex, move, grow, and customize to me and my situation, never sticking to a rigid "process" or "rubric" - but always putting my growth first. Over the course of the first few months, it was clear that Jeremiah's coaching was making huge impacts in the way that I treated not only others, but myself.

"I could go on and on about Jeremiah. About the way that he brings in countless sources of wisdom to our conversations from the east, the west, and the beyond. How he's able to perfectly balance questions with silence. About how I can feel his genuine love for me as a person - even through the screen. But I guess it can all be summarized in a simple sentence: Jeremiah is on my team, cares about me as a human, and has the tools/knowledge to help me hit my next level, regardless of how I define that level. No matter what problem I throw on the table, I feel that Jeremiah is able to help me "see" potential solutions (often that are already within me) and then plan a course of action accordingly. It is a true gift to have someone with me on the waters of life, lending me an oar when the river gets choppy. And to be clear, this is not "gentle" or "accommodating" - Jeremiah has a gift for balancing honesty, tough love, and tenderness all at the same time.

"In closing, I would recommend Jeremiah to anyone who is serious about identifying who they want to be, how they can get there, and how they can impact the world at large through their talents, passions, and energy. Jeremiah breaks the mold of what I thought a coach was, combining elements of coaching, therapy, spirituality, hustle, and grit in a unique and superior combination that is at the very least worth exploring. I will continue to work with Jeremiah to unlock new areas of impact in my life."

David Clavens

VP of Marketing, Aalto Owner,David Gerard Magic

Former Footbag World Champion

“When I met Jeremiah, I was a recent college grad who had the whole world in front of him. I was scared, nervous, excited, and curious. What was I going to do next? I had no clue. This led to me going on an emotional rollercoaster every day; trying to figure out what path I was going to take and how I was going to do it. I felt as if I had immense pressure on my shoulders and time was ticking. I knew I wanted to pick up some skills but that was about it. This was when Jeremiah helped shaped my future.

”Although Jeremiah isn’t specifically a “career coach”, I think that made our experience working together even better. It wasn’t just how I was gonna find a job; it was him getting to know me at a deep level. He learned about my passions, goals, and who I was. While we had our sessions, the convo’s flowed organically. And as we kept digging deeper and deeper into what I wanted, I discovered a lot about myself. He got me thinking about things from a different perspective which led to a paradigm shift that brought clarity into my life. Not only did his advice always leave a positive impact but the honesty behind his approach to my issues is what I greatly valued.

”After our first phase of sessions together, I was able to land the job I really wanted at a company that I wished to work for. He really showed me that anything is attainable with the right plan and non-stop/creative approaches. The part I cherish the most is the relationship; it feels as if I’m just conversing with a friend who is helping me figure out this interesting game that is life. I’m very thankful that I have the opportunity to continue to work with him and create/achieve new goals. I would say at the very least, just hop on a call with Jeremiah; understand how he works and how he can help you. Based on my own experiences, I’m a firm believer that he can make a difference in one’s life.” Rishi K.

"Jeremiah helped me make a career transition from entrepreneur back to software engineer. I had quit a company I started, taken 9 months off, and I had had my first child. I was having deeply mixed feelings about going back to work, both afraid of being idle and afraid of burning out again.

"Jeremiah helped me process all that. I really appreciate how he’s experienced the tech industry himself, he’s well traveled and well read. Talking to Jeremiah for me was like talking to an old friend from day one.

"I took the new job and six months later I’m much happier than I was before. Along the way, Jeremiah also helped me break down some recurring stresses I was having at home. It resulted in an immediate improvement to my quality of life.

"One thing I love about our sessions is how Jeremiah asks penetrating questions. If nothing else, he consistently stirs up my thoughts and feelings, bringing in new oxygen. I’m excited to continue growing with Jeremiah’s coaching."

Greg Dingle

Senior Software Engineer at Flux

Two-time YC Founder

"I am extremely fortunate to have worked with Jeremiah. He always asks the right questions that allow for constructive reflection. He has helped me navigate challenging relationships, seen me through a much needed job change, and brought me much needed clarity into what my life and career goals are. If you're considering working with Jeremiah, stop considering - just do it! It won't be a decision you regret."

Catherine Cheng

Product Growth Lead at Meta San Francisco, CA

"Working with Jeremiah was amazing. I had high expectations going in, and several thorny problems that I knew I needed help with. The array of skills and context he brought to bear was impressive, and I left each session with notes (and sometimes homework!) that helped me make the progress I was looking for. I highly recommend working with him if you can!"

Jason Sundram

Lead, World.AI @ Facebook Reality Labs

Somerville, MA

"Jeremiah is a powerful coach. He helped me clarify the vision for my company, step into the role of becoming an executive and deepen my relationship with my team and my family. After starting work with Jeremiah I have optimized my calendar & use of time, and gotten the power to focus on creative projects and personal health."

Arlen Coupland

Principal Consultant and CEO, Shotmaker S.C.

Zielona Góra, Lubuskie, Poland

"My main struggle has been figuring out how to dedicate my energy outside of work. In a two hour conversation Jeremiah asked tough questions and challenged me to pull the answers from within myself. He noticed that long term friendships matter to me more than anything else, and in the end we defined powerful, simple, and actionable goals to grow my personal life that I’ve been seeing results with."

Brian Li

Growth Operations Manager, Flexport

San Francisco, CA