What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship where we explore your biggest challenges and opportunities and develop a plan to go after them.

Typically we have deep 1:1 discussions every other week.

There is no set script or product — each client gets what's best for them.

Much of the call is me asking questions to open up and explore your thinking.

I may also recommend best practices based on what has worked in the past for me and my clients.

Are you an expert in X?

My coaching does not rely on me being an expert.

About 80% of our results will come from the process of exploring your psychology.

That said — many clients leverage my skills in business growth, sales, technology and analytics during our calls.

Why get a coach?

Everyone has challenges and opportunities — it's how you tackle them that makes the difference.

Discussing your challenges with someone who is skilled at unblocking thoughts can be the difference between a problem that persists for years and one that's solved in an instant.

Discussing opportunities can inspire you with a vision to 10x your results, which very often leads to 2-3x return on key metrics like traffic, revenue, sales growth, and hiring.

Do I need coaching?

No one needs coaching.

Some signs that we could work well together:

  1. You want to bring something exciting into the world or change how you show up.
  2. You recognize that there are no results without action.
  3. You are willing to experiment and have fun.

Typical Clients

I filter for mindset and potential, not demographics.

Basically - I don't care what you've achieved so far.

That said, many clients look like this:

  • Early stage founders, VPs, and CEOS
  • Big tech management and high end ICs
  • Small business owners with $0-$2M revenue.
  • Amateur performers and athletes.

My Training

Formal training exists for coaches, but it is rarely insufficient to generate deep results.

My coaching education includes apprenticeships to top coaches, over 100 hours of certified instruction, numerous live workshops with high profile masters, and self-study of the greats.

I'm currently an apprentice to Dr. Christopher Joseph and a group student of Becca Pike and Rich Litvin. I was previously an apprentice to Becca Pike.

My technical and business background includes 15 years as an internal consultant to leaders within Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley companies.

I was on the analytics team that helped take Facebook public, founded and built the Data Science team at a Kleiner Perkins backed AI startup, and designed the workflow management system used by Flexport's 1,000+ employees around the world.

My formal education is a B.S. in Math w/ highest honors (Summa Cum Laude) from Virginia Tech. The Math Department recognized me as their Outstanding Rising Senior.