Working Together

Every coach operates differently. Some focus on pre-defined programs, others primarily ask questions.

My work adapts to you in real-time. It does not have a script, and it does not follow a particular school of thought. Clients describe it as a sparring partner or boxing coach, but for the mind.

This is especially valuable for a particular type of client: someone smart, at the top of their field, and in search of a coach who can speak their language and help them break their thinking down and re-assemble it from first principles.

The work is an extension of my fifteen years of real-world experience in Silicon Valley and the Fortune 500. During my professional career, I was often in an advisory role to CEOs and senior leadership at startups and billion-dollar companies.

Recent clients have included Venture Capitalists, founders, and CEOs as well as artists, performers, and former military special forces.

If we work together, my promise will be to provide you with these three things:

  1. Space to see and hear yourself clearly. We create it with conversations deeper than most people have ever had.
  2. Clarity on what you truly want. We help you find or regain focus on what matters.
  3. Courage to turn clarity into reality. Making changes on your own can be difficult. With support and guidance, much more is possible.

Clients use our time together for all sorts of purposes, including:

  1. As a thinking partner to expand, support, and challenge their systems, models, and beliefs.
  2. To explore business questions like “How do I grow a business that’s aligned with my values?”, “How do I motivate and communicate with my team?”, and “How do I reach my next level of success?”
  3. To explore personal questions like “What should I do with my life?”, “How do I manage my energy?” and “What makes me happy?”


To understand the potential outcomes of our work, please read my client testimonials as if you had written them after an experience together.

Don’t let the resumes of my existing clients turn you off. I work with all kinds of people.

If you want to work together, contact me below.

Contracts begin from $9,000.


Curious? Submit a Questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes and will help me understand if we would work well together.