About Jeremiah Rogers

Before coaching I spent fifteen years in Silicon Valley and the Fortune 500. My career spanned startups, mid-stage, and public companies. I worked most frequently as a manager, data scientist, and strategic advisor to CEOs and senior leadership.

Toward the end of my time in tech, I burned out. Books and meditation only got me so far. Therapy often made things worse. I began to work with exceptional coaches to keep me on track.

Coaching was a revelation. Coaches listened to me, but also pushed back. They helped me to see where the stories I told myself were inconsistent. They helped me see what was working, discard what wasn’t, and create a plan for the future that was both exciting and realistic.

Later, I worked with more coaches. One removed a years-long ache in my shoulder with a ten-minute verbal exercise. Another showed me layers of fear that I had been hiding behind for years. As we removed the layers, emotions and visions for my future came through that I had not felt since childhood.

Parts of coaching felt like science, others like pure magic. Just words and space held between two people could change so much. I needed to know how it worked. From then on, I have focused full-time on becoming the best coach I can.

The goal of my work is to be a lever for the exceptional. Too much talent is wasted due to the lack of space to think, the lack of clarity in vision, and the inability to turn vision into reality. I frequently think of where we would be as a species if we all had the superpowers provided through great mentorship.

Outside work I live with my girlfriend in Henderson, Nevada. We moved here from San Francisco in early 2022. We like to spend our free time hiking, camping, photographing, learning, making music, and hosting friends.

Biographical Details

  • Born 1985, in Wareham, Massachusetts.
  • First engineering work in Silicon Valley at age 15. Featured in an NHK World-Japan documentary alongside Alvin Toffler and Lars Ulrich at age 16.
  • B.S Mathematics from Virginia Tech in 2007, Summa Cum Laude.
  • Helped build CarMax, Facebook Timeline, Fin Assistant, Flexport, and Airtable. Specialist in data infrastructure and time measurement systems.
  • Traveled extensively, including a year living in Cambodia photographing and writing about water issues in remote villages on behalf of UNICEF.
  • Full time coaching since 2021. Currently an apprentice to Dr. Christopher Joseph. See some of my favorite learning resources here.