Jeremiah Rogers


Jeremiah Rogers

Business and Personal Coach. Henderson, Nevada. Email | LinkedIn



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"Jeremiah listens and actually dissects what you’re saying in real time, and then he pushes back on the assumptions or boundaries we all unconsciously impose on ourselves. His demeanor is respectful, but direct and fearless. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who communicates this way, it’s raw but exceptionally intelligent. I realized inconsistencies in decisions I was making vs. what I was saying out loud. We also pushed boundaries on things that I hadn’t questioned, going back 30 years in my life. I felt exhausted, but also euphoric whenever our calls ended.”

Joseph Selim

Director of Data Engineering at Slack

“Jeremiah breaks the mold of what I thought a coach was, combining elements of coaching, therapy, spirituality, hustle, and grit in a unique and superior combination that is at the very least worth exploring. I would recommend Jeremiah to anyone who is serious about identifying who they want to be, how they can get there, and how they can impact the world at large through their talents, passions, and energy. ”

David Clavens

VP of Marketing, Aalto Owner, David Gerard Magic

“I felt as if I had immense pressure on my shoulders and time was ticking. I knew I wanted to pick up some skills but that was about it. This was when Jeremiah helped shaped my future. He learned about my passions, goals, and who I was. He really showed me that anything is attainable with the right plan and non-stop/creative approaches. The part I cherish the most is the relationship; it feels as if I’m just conversing with a friend who is helping me figure out this interesting game that is life.” Rishi K.

"I've been working with Jeremiah for a few months and he has been the best coach I've ever had. We discuss sales, marketing, hiring, morale, relationships, and everything in between! I've had multiple calls where I was like wow this call makes up for all the money I have ever paid him. I'd highly recommend Jeremiah for people who are focused on growing quickly or are in a high leverage role."

Ankur Dahiya

CEO / Co-Founder at RunX