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Sun, Dec 6, 2015

Biggest shopping day of the year. Malls and crowds and street performer playing synth electric guitar on an iPad. Walk around street portrait of my friend and fellow photographer Luke.

Crowds. Union Square, SF. 2015.

Shopping Mall. Union Square, SF. 2015.

Street Perofrmer. Market Street, SF. 2015.

Portrait of Luke Hendrickson. Union Square, SF. 2015.

Wed, Nov 11, 2015

Kite Surfer. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

I enjoy these film panoramas a lot. Shoot two or three photos in quick succession and give more context than can fit inside the 35mm lens at one time. These are scanned off a light table and the borders are the actual end of the frame. I like the imperfections in the black borders. Those scratches on the film are probably from hair and should get removed – just as soon as I perfect my at home film developing.

Sun, Nov 8, 2015

Dolores Park. Halloween, 2015. San Francisco.

Nob Hill, San Francisco, 2015.

Apple Store, San Francisco, 2015.

Union Square, San Francisco, 2015.

Skating at Night. San Francisco, 2015.

My New Office. San Francisco, 2015.

I’m working so much these days that there isn’t much time to shoot. I’m grateful that after traveling and not using my “computer” brain for so long that it’s able to do this kind of work again.

These are insanely productive times. Working sometimes from 8am until 5pm, take a nap, work again until midnight. We are building something very interesting and I can’t wait to show it to you.

It’s a small team. It was 14 people before I joined. Now we’re 19, soon to be well over 20. In a past life I might have said “Why am I working for someone else so much?” This is different though, because it’s an early company and I feel more like I’m working for myself.

I’m the only data guy. For the next while I’m actually the whole data science team. It’s a remarkable feeling to have people depend on me to get things done so that they can do their jobs in turn. To have people come to me with questions that only I can answer. To find changes that we need to make to make the product better. Make it 1% better here, 2% better there. In the first few months those 1% or 2% adjustments have a long, long time to compound as the company grows.

I’d love to be out riding a motorcycle in Cambodia under the stars right now. I also love doing this. Weird how that works.

Tue, Oct 20, 2015

The way I see it, photography is a powerful tool to transmit how you’re feeling to someone else without needimg words. The best photos can’t be accurately described in words because to me they resonate at a level where words don’t matter.

It gets tempting to advertise with photography. I want to be careful about creating advertisements for my own life. For me that means relatively few sunsets, food pictures, or even pictures with me in them. As I wandered around San Francisco this weekend with a camera in hand I found that I took almost no pictures. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what I want to say yet.

On the first level that’s a cop out. What to say will come together as the images come together. It’s also partially the truth: shooting on film, each photo now has a cost. More than the money it’s about the time that a photo takes time to develop, review, and scan. Each photo wants some thought.

Shooting on film often means that I forget what I’ve photographed. I love the surprise of pulling a roll of negatives out of the sink and being reunited with my photos. As I get more picky with pictures the rolls take longer to go through and the pictures become even more of a surprise.

Tue, Oct 13, 2015

A few recent street photos from San Francisco and the surrounding areas. All shot with a 35mm lens on Tri-X film. I love the experience of shooting photos on film and developing them by hand. Scanning is later done off a light table using a 100mm macro lens.

Doormen. San Francisco, California.

Bus. Fillmore Street, San Francisco.

Hyde Street Cable Car, San Francisco.

Bus. Folsom Street, San Francisco.

Market Street. San Francisco, California.

Fort Mason Green. San Francisco, California.

Mel’s Drive-In. San Francisco, California.

Union Square. San Francisco, California.

Año Nuevo State Park. California.

Aptos Beach. Northern California.