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Hi, my name is Jeremiah. I got addicted to photography, saved money for years, and quit my job to travel around the world. I’ve been traveling since April, 2014.

I am a minimalist traveler with a 18 liter backpack. I like to find a new city, do a minimum of research, and learn by walking around, talking to people, and documenting what I find.

From April to October 2014 I travelled to Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and — briefly — India. I’ve spent the past 10 months (until July, 2015) living in Cambodia and working on A River’s Tail. Today I am back on the road.

That’s me.

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Introduction to This Site

To start you might read about why I’m traveling, how I saved the money to travel, and how I sold everything so that my life would fit in a very tiny backpack.

It wasn’t that hard — I quickly adapted to living with less. These days I recommend that non-photographers travelers go even smaller and only bring the essentials. If you don’t need to work on the road or write for a living the iPad with a keyboard dock is a magnificent tool. These days I use a MacBook Pro, but mostly for ergonomics, work, and speed. Even though I live full time in Cambodia I’m still using just two pairs of underwear but I have upgraded to four shirts. It feels wasteful.

Some of my favorite images. The rest are here.

As I travel I’ve confronted many moral questions. In Beijing I realized how many true stories there are in every situation. I think about the biases of a traveller and why we take so many pictures.

There were many ways to photograph this scene in Beijing, as you can read here.

Are you thinking about traveling? I think that a six to one year wandering trip is worth it. I ask that if my writing has inspired you to please let me know, it makes me smile for weeks.

Kyoto, Japan. September, 2014.

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This site is dedicated to my friend Aaron Swartz who died far too young. Aaron’s passing inspired me to write again and to put my writing on the open web.