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Portrait: John and Ines

John and Ines. San Francisco, California. 2015.

John and Ines. Two of my best friends in California, now married, out at lunch together during my first week back in the United States. The Voightlander 35mm f1.4 wide open in this case — this particular case — shows that it’s just a fantastic lens. I can’t see nor do I care about any technical flaws here. The capture is perfect.

I’ve had a few pictures with the Voightlander which are less than perfect. Shot far away, my contrast drops. But shot up close in perfect light like this the images are stunning.

I watched The Many Lives of William Klien last night. Did you know that William Klien bought one of his early cameras from Henri Cartier Bresson? Their photo styles couldn’t be more different. Proof that the photos come from the photographer, not the camera.