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Photo Project at Orussey market: Day Three

Street photography is a difficult discipline. At first I thought it was all about cameras and lurking, now I’m realizing that as much of it is about being social, interacting with people, and seeing images quickly and trying to frame them. Right now I’m enamored with the work of Alex Webb and Tao Liu.

I realize that I’m super far from where these men are. I’m not good as good at this as I want. One thing that is of value for growing is discipline. So I’m sharing my latest pictures often, having them professionally criticized, and growing every few days.

A major challenge has been getting closer to people. These last few days that’s been my main challenge. I have rules: no pictures of children, no pictures of backs of heads, and no cropping. Making images right in camera isn’t about hating post-processing, it’s about learning to use the camera to record what I see. If someday I need an image I’ll go back and edit it into something usable. If I capture something stunning and want to show it to my friends I’ll crop later, but the discipline of “correct in camera” is hard to deny for the advancements it’s giving me.

None of these images were cropped. All of them were edited for greater dynamic range.