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Shooting for Milk

My friend Jeremiah Overman (confusing, right?) asked me to replicate this photo from Milk zine as a prank.

Overman brought all the clothes and met me outside the Phnom Penh Royal Palace for the shoot. He went off to an alley to change and then we got to work.

What follows are not typical pictures for me. It’s my first time working with a “model” and my first time trying to replicate a picture.

In the image at the top from Milk the background of the scene is compressed. This makes me think it was shot with a 100mm or longer lens. I had a only 35mm, far wider, and so we had to compensate with the angle.

At first I tried to get the same angle as the Milk picture. This just doesn’t work at all for 35mm. I was too far away and the picture was boring.

Later we adjusted, I got far closer, and we found an angle where the palace in the background matched up to the top of Jeremiah’s head.

In the end this is a silly picture but I’m happy with it. It uses the 35mm frame well. Aside from the bottom left the frame is entirely full. The relevant parts of Jeremiah are stretched from top to bottom.

These were all shot on a digital Leica ME with 35mm f2 lens from 1974. They could have been shot on any camera.

Final image, which might go in Milk zine.

Comparison of the two pictures.