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Down by the River: Photography at Golden Hour in Siem Reap

I spent about a week in Siem Reap for the 10th annual Angkor Photo Festival. It was a phenomanal experience including getting a portfolio review which encouraged me to spend more time shooting only when the light is good.

Here’s some of the output of that experiment. I woke up at 5am every morning to shoot sunrise and then went out again aroudn 5:30pm to shoot at sunset.

If you’re a photographer using Android I recommend Exate Golden Hour (free) for finding out when the light is good. Surely, you can tell just by looking, but it’s nice to know when I have exactly 20 minutes to make it to my favorite spots.

Here’s what the river looked like at sunset as I went out to shoot.

My best experience was finding these young boys playing with a toy gun. They loved being photographed, as do many adults in Cambodia. In the past week three people have asked me to take their picture in public.

Here are a few other shots in much worse light, mid-day, of boys swimming in the river. I deeply wish these had been better lit. You can tell compared to the other images just how tough it is to make something interesting out of harsh mid-day sun.