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The Water Festival

Carrying bottles of water across the shore of the Tonle Sap river.

Boy watching boat racers in the water.

Walking out of my hotel this young girl was just staring at me. There are a lot of people living and sleeping in the streets now, but I hear that many of them are from the provinces and not actually homeless.

Snails, birds, and insects for sale in the street.

For $2 I could have set these birds free. I’m not sure what the trick is, but they must fly back.

Squatting down by the river photographing boats this boy was very interested in my camera and seeing his own image.


I shot the first two days of the water festival in color. Color is a difficult balance. It’s been what I shoot for most of my time in Asia until now, but the pictures are lacking in story. I find looking at the color images pleasing but the story lacking.