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Volcanos of Indonesia

I don’t usally shoot landscapes, but Indonesia is just stunning. Here are a few (mostly landscape) shots from Mt. Bromo and the Ijen volcano.

I thought that Indonesia would be jungles, motorbikes, and big crazy cities. Some of it’s like that — and Jakarta and Bandung do have some incredible neighborhoods — but the volcanoes and national parks here are phenomenal.

Only a few of these are from a tripod, the rest are handheld. Almost all of them are shot on a 35mm f2 lens.

Mount Bromo

We woke up at 3 am and took a jeep up to Mount Bromo for sunrise. The crowds were intense and at some point I thought that the best shot I was going to get would be through someone’s legs.

Mount Bromo feels like a massive sporting event. It’s insane how hard it was to get a good view of the volcano. I aggressively pushed my way to the front, took a few shots, and then surrendered my spot to someone else. Most people were in the front and refusing to move.

The climb up is so steep that many people hire horses. A horse to get me to the top was only $1.50. I considered hiring one just for the novelty, normally it costs $50-100 to get someone to take you around on a horse, but felt like walking instead.

The view down into the volcano.

Ijen Volcano

On the second day we went to the Ijen volcano. Tours leave at 1 in the morning, arrive at the volcano base around 1:45 am, and take a 3 kilometer walk to the top. It’s very cold up there and the walk is much harder than it would be after a full night’s rest. Bring water, grippy shoes, and warm clothes.