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Tokyo in Motion

Tokyo, Japan.

On my first full day in Tokyo I tried to shoot the people interacting with each other. There was so much going on that it became hard to focus. Instead I turned to showing how the masses of people here move around. I shot most of the day, burning out two batteries on my camera to put together this collection of images and animations of Tokyo in motion.

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Tech note: The Fuji x100s has a leaf shutter (no flipping mirror) which makes it easy to shoot handheld at up to 12 second exposure times. I shot all of these in JPEG, black and white with red filter, +1 shadows, +1 highlights and +1 sharpening. Minimal post-processing in lightroom to increase contrast and clarity.

I wasn’t intending to shoot timelapses like this with my camera so I’ll need to find a way to stabilize the GIFs. If you have any suggestions please email me ( but without the “fish”).