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The Tennesee Valley Trail

Last December I went on a walk on the Tennessee Valley Trail just North of San Francsico. This is my favorite low stress walk in the area: it’s flat and paved with a rewarding view of the Pacific Ocean at the end.

I brought along my recently sold Hasselblad 500CM and shot these on color film then converted to black and white.

The Hasselblad is a luxurious camera but hard to focus and tedious to meter. These next pictures of from Rodeo Beach were also shot on color film but with a Mamiya 6 Rangefinder.

The Mamiya was easily my favorite camera I have ever owned. It’s light and small, the rangefinder system makes it easy to nail perfect focus and the meter works automatically. The detail of full sized film scans is incredible. If I wasn’t traveling full time I would still have this camera and shoot on it today.

Someday there will be a medium format rangefinder for less than $40,000 and I’ll make it my primary camera. For now my only camera is a Fuji X-Pro 1.

More details on the trip coming soon.