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Big Trees

As a kid my uncle Ben sent me a map of Sequioa National Forest. I always wanted to visit and it was high on my list after moving to California. The sequoias are massive and amazing trees: most of these were over two thousand years old.

The General Sherman tree:> With a height of 83.8 metres (275 ft), a diameter of 7.7 metres (25 ft), an estimated bole volume of 1,487 cubic metres (52,513 cu ft), and an estimated age of 2,300–2,700 years, it is among the tallest, widest and longest-lived of all trees on the planet.

Tharp log. Tharp discovered the area, lived inside of a hollowed-out tree and grazed his cattle in the nearby meadow.

Where Tharp lived.

Where Tharp grazed his cattle.

Sunset over the mountains.

Cooking over an open fire.