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Apsara Dancer

Apsara Dancer. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 2015.

One year ago.

One of the things most amazing about Cambodian culture is that women do this apsara dance so frequently, almost casually. My Cambodian friends would bend their fingers back constantly so that they could do the dance better – and anyone I asked would be able to bend their index finger back far enough that it touches their wrist. Try it – it’s really hard.

This woman by the river had almost no idea I was there. She was I think on drugs, dancing to herself, wrapped in a carpet. It’s really sad, but in black and white it becomes this very elegant scene showing a bunch of contradictions from modern Cambodia.

Driving through Marin

Marin, California. January, 2016.

Road up to Tomales Bay. The wind up the mountains causes the fog to blow out from the trees in strange and beautiful ways. If we’d had a minute it would have been nice to stop longer and watch.