Jeremiah Rogers

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Picture: Kandal Market, Phnom Penh

Kandal Market. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 2015.

The layers in Asia are fantastic. Spaces are so crowded that people stack on top of each other. Scenes like this exist in America but they’re much harder to find.

This small market near my house in Phnom Penh was a warren of activity. People kept their stalls so crowded with merchandise that walking through you’d have to duck under and around things. A section in the front sold watches, an expanse in the back was where my friend Oun Neth got her hair and nails done, and in the center under a torn tarp were the food sellers. Cooking over boiling pots, steam light pouring in through the holes in the ceiling.

I used to hate this picture because part of it is blown out and it wasn’t exposed properly. But images like these area hard for everyone, the difference between light and dark is so extreme. Canon 6D at 28mm.