Jeremiah Rogers

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SF October, 2015

Dolores Park. Halloween, 2015. San Francisco.

Nob Hill, San Francisco, 2015.

Apple Store, San Francisco, 2015.

Union Square, San Francisco, 2015.

Skating at Night. San Francisco, 2015.

My New Office. San Francisco, 2015.

I’m working so much these days that there isn’t much time to shoot. I’m grateful that after traveling and not using my “computer” brain for so long that it’s able to do this kind of work again.

These are insanely productive times. Working sometimes from 8am until 5pm, take a nap, work again until midnight. We are building something very interesting and I can’t wait to show it to you.

It’s a small team. It was 14 people before I joined. Now we’re 19, soon to be well over 20. In a past life I might have said “Why am I working for someone else so much?” This is different though, because it’s an early company and I feel more like I’m working for myself.

I’m the only data guy. For the next while I’m actually the whole data science team. It’s a remarkable feeling to have people depend on me to get things done so that they can do their jobs in turn. To have people come to me with questions that only I can answer. To find changes that we need to make to make the product better. Make it 1% better here, 2% better there. In the first few months those 1% or 2% adjustments have a long, long time to compound as the company grows.

I’d love to be out riding a motorcycle in Cambodia under the stars right now. I also love doing this. Weird how that works.