Jeremiah Rogers

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Photographing Kids (or Not)

When I started traveling I loved to photograph kids. Kids exude a universal happiness in almost every culture. Plus they never ask you not to photograph them.

That last reason is exactly why I’ve stopped photographing kids. They can’t say no, they can’t easily run away, and they tend not to understand how damaging the camera can be. Kids have no idea what can be done with their image.

Can you photograph kids? Of course. I’m not here to tell you what to do. However a lot of people tried to tell me not to photograph kids and I ignored them. Now I agree with them.

A bit more nuanced: I try not to have a filter before I take a picture. However after I take a picture and before I decide to publish it I do have a filter.

I’ve got some pictures that make people look horrible. There’s no reason for me to share those unless they have a strong message behind them — so I often don’t.

If I can take a picture of children that makes them look good, and their parents are around to tell me to buzz off, then maybe I’ll publish it.