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Hestiate Before Buying the X100T

The Fuji X100T came out recently and it’s easily the best camera in the Fuji X100 line. It’s faster than the X100S and much faster than the X100. But I would hesitate before buying the Fuji X100T.

Why buy the Fuji X100T when you can get an X100S used for $650? Why even buy the X100S when you can get an X100 used for $540?

For all practical purposes the X100, X100S, and X100T are the same. They’re the same design, have the same color rendition, and do 90% of the same things. All you really get buying a $1,299 X100T vs buying a $540 X100 is speed (see the full list of differences). This isn’t like buying an iPhone 6 vs an iPhone 3G. It’s like buying an iPhone 5S vs an iPhone 5.

Why am I even bothering to post this? Because two years I ago I would have updated from the X100S to X100T without question. Today I doubt it. I don’t think it’s worth it. You’ll find many bloggers telling you the X100T is the best camera in the world. That’s because most people make money when you buy a new camera. I want to be a voice encouraging hesitation.

My wishlist for every camera in the X100 series is for Fuji to put a manual focus scale on the lens. For me focusing and metering without looking through the viewfinder is the most critical feature on camera. The Fuji cameras already have aperture and shutter controls on the camera. Add a manual focus scale and a photographer can setup shots without ever looking at the camera. It’ll be huge.

You can see my favorite manual focus digital cameras at the end of this article. I’d get one of those over anything in the X100 series.