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Recent Pictures of Phnom Penh (some graphic)

I get most of my joy out of just taking pictures and having them and then from showing them to other people. I don’t necessarily like to explain them. I know about as much of what’s going on in these pictures as you do.

For some of the more graphic pictures here, showing distress or discomfort is hard. It’s hard to show people a picture of a dead rat or a man cradling his hands in his arms. These are the day to day contrasts of life in Phnom Penh. I see these things and taking a picture of it feels just as wrong as not taking a picture of it. It ends up feeling very messy.

I’m fiercely critical of some of my own pictures. I try to live up to an ideal that’s very hard to reach. This is a month or so of pictures that I’m just glad to have. I could maybe explain what I like about them in words but that would be exhausting.

I think it might be useful for some of the new readers of the blog to see this and get a sense of the pictures I take and don’t generally proudly share. These would never get a ton of upvotes and reshares, it’s just the mundane everyday life of the city I call home.

Finally, I’m very happy with the direction these are going. Much happier than I’ve been with my own photos in months. I can see a movement from being afraid of taking pictures of people and trying to remain unnoticed to not caring anymore.