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Photography Failure of the Week: Long Exposure

With long exposure photographs like the one below half of the magic is just waiting to see what shows up. This time the magic didn’t arrive.

I like how I can see people walking in and out but I was hoping that the long exposure would better show the volume of people moving. It doesn’t reflect the insanity of a morning at Angkor Wat at all.

Why did it fail? To show people moving in a long exposure you tend to need a lot of people or a long time. If someone moves fast they’ll only register as a ghost.

To show many people you need many people. I should have gotten more into the crowd and set a longer shutter.

Here’s are two more shots from the same day that I think failed for a similar reason.

And finally one from back in June in Hanoi that I love.

The Leica M9 is not a good camera for long exposures. It always takes a noise-reduction shot of the same duration after each exposure. If you shoot for 60 seconds you’re then wasting the next 60 seconds waiting for the camera to clean up it’s noise. That noise-reduction shot isn’t necessary on Nikon or Canon cameras.