Jeremiah Rogers

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Photographing the World Without Propoganda

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Earlier this week a woman commented on my Facebook page that she wanted to blow up a room full of Buddhas. I deleted it and banned her from the page, but it upset me.

Today a man commented thanking me for the pictures, another sent a message saying he gets to see things he would never get to see.

I think the Internet and the press does an overall bad job appreciating the mundane. Life everywhere that I’ve seen isn’t all that different. In the media we see wars, protests, and bad things. To a lesser extent we see “10 pictures from Indonesia that will blow your mind.” Even when we document our own vacations we apply propaganda — showing the best parts and making sure that everyone smiles. These are lies that misrepresent life as either brutal or overly simple.

I still don’t know exactly what I want to be doing. Excessive gets traffic, lies get traffic. Someday traffic might get important enough that I need to change my strategy to make money. But I’m happy this morning to receive signs that showing life without propaganda — without trying too hard to make it more beautiful or more ugly than it actually is — might be working.