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Possibly The Best Strap for a Leica M

When travelling I have three positions where I use a camera: hung over my neck and shoulder for storage, hung over my neck ready to shoot, or with the strap wrapped around my wrist for easy access.

Most straps, including my previous leather strap, are fairly hard to adjust between lengths to move betwen these positions. When I come to Japan I like to visit the amazing array of camera stores here and look at what’s new. I came across this Artisan and Artist strap, tried it out, and then bought one and used it for two weeks.

After two weeks of shooting I’m very happy with the Artisan and Artist ACAM E25R. The strap fills the fairly simple requirements I had: it’s easy to adjust and make longer, won’t come off the camera, and has a system for keeping the camera from scratches.

It’s easy to make shorter and longer. This strap is designed so that you just stick your thumb into a large ring on the strap and pull up or down to adjust the strap. It’s the easiest adjustment on any strap, camera or otherwise, that I’ve ever used.

Some images of the adjustment system. The large ring is what you pull up or down to adjust.

It won’t come off the camera. Unlike the Leica carry strap the E25R uses keyring style connectors mount solidly to the strap and the camera body.

Finally, and this isn’t too important to me, it has a leather guard which goes between the camera body and the strap. As a result it probably won’t mar the camera1.

Here’s how it connects to the camera. The only downside I can think of is that if you’ll have a hard time taking this off if you decide to just use a hand strap for the day.

I think that this strap is better than the default Leica carry strap because it’s much easier to adjust and less likely to fall off. The Leica strap has a strange design with metal hooks that separate from the strap. Often I’d look down at the strap and realize that one end was about to come loose. So if I carry a camera with the default Leica strap I generally tape off the ends to keep it from coming apart.

  1. One reviewer on Amazon says the leather is coarse enough to take paint off of his camera. I think it should be fine on a Leica which has enamel and not regular paint. The Fuji x-series cameras I’ve owned in the past would have more issues. The X100s and XPro-1 have paint, not enamel, and it’s very easy to scratch. I cover the body of the camera with electrical or gaffer tape to keep the paint safe. [return]