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Gili Island, Indonesia

This might be my favorite place in the world. As I got off the speedboat from Bali I was worried about finding a reasonably priced place to stay. I walked inland through narrow dirt streets, past goats and chickens and geese in the streets, past fields with cows, but only covered about a quarter mile when I found a homestay charging 200,000 Indonesian Rupiah (about $18) per night.

There’s broken wifi, cold water, but a free towel and toilet paper and more than one electrical outlet and fan in the room. The mother and her daughter cook me breakfast for free, lunch and dinner for 15,000 rupiah more (about $1.20).

Today I went snorkeling, did some programming, and then wandered the streets taking in the sights and photographing what interested me. My [last article]() wrote about photographing with one hand behind your back. I tried that today — I thought about processing these into black and white shot at ISO 2500 and f/8, but it wouldn’t do justice to the scene. This isn’t anything worthy of Ansel Adams or HCB or Sebastio Salgado, but it is decent photography showing how a town feels. I shot half the day closed up to f/8 and half of it more open around f/4 and f/2 and I was happier with the more open shots. All of these were processed using a Fuji Velvia 100 RVP Simulation Lightroom preset that I found online. I’ll post the link once I can find it again.