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Photography tip: Look for the Details in Architecture

When I first got a camera I was tempted to shoot wide pictures to capture everything. But wide shots lack focus, they’re hard to relate to — it’s hard to feel like you’re in the room. Narrow shots of details can have the unintended effect of making us feel like we’re right there because our mind fills in the details.

Here are a few shots just focusing on the symmetry and beautiful colors of buildings in Asia. If you want to get a shot of the whole building I have recommendations for that, but I think that mastering shots of the details is a necessary first step to taking a good picture of any building.

Beijing China, June 2014. The shot below just focuses on a few details of the roof of a temple in Jingshan Park. To me this is a lot better than a wide shot trying to show everything — it makes you fill in the rest with your imagination.

Penang, Malaysia, April 2014. Below are two similar shots from atop Penang Hill in Penang, Malaysia. There’s a beautiful Hindu temple there, but instead of going wide and looking to capture everything I’m just showing you a few minor details.

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