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Kompong Khleang Floating Village in Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

We took a boat to the floating village of Kompong Khleang today. The water is low and only a part of the village is out in the water right now, but there are tons of boats and lots of fishing going on. Fishing by climbing in the water with a net seems common in Cambodia and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen it done.

On the way back we stopped into the land part of the village. An old Khmer man came out speaking French with brilliant gold teeth. He invited us in to his home and we hung out for a while, took a picture of him and he took a picture of us.

It was one of the few genuinely heartfelt interactions I’ve had with an adult Cambodia. He didn’t want anything other than to offer us shade, show us his house and speak some French. At 66 he was also by far the oldest Khmer person I’ve seen. I think there are very few alive over the age of 40.


As far as getting to the village you can take a roundtrip tuktuk from Siem Reap for about $20, the driver will wait for you while you visit. Boat tours are another $20, and the boat stops at a floating restaurant in the water with overpriced drinks and food. All in it cost about $80 between two people factoring in transit, drinks and tips. For context that’s about as much as the average Khmer earns in three weeks.

If you go I would make sure the water is high enough for more boats to be out before visiting.


Land village

Invited into a home